*knock knock knock* Penny?

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SIGH due to when she arrived at local post office Hipster!Belle will not be joining me until tomorrow probs

NUUUUUU but the tracking says it’s out for delivery?????

That…changed since I last looked at it. but I do not trust my local post office for shit so. WE’LL HOPE.

I DO NOT TRUST YOUR POST OFFICE EITHER.  Also despite the fact that it says out for delivery it also says expected delivery is tomorrow SO.  Grr.

But ahem, there may be a little something extra in the box…

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I wanted to know your thoughts. Do you think OUAT will ever show us Belle's past? And what's your headcanon on what happened to her mom? Surprisingly both hers and Rumple's have never been mentioned or even referred to in the show.


No, I don’t expect to see the show examine Belle’s past.  That might be for the best though because it gives us free rein to make up whatever history we’d like for her!

My headcanon is that her mother died when she was very young.  The only thing Belle remembers is that a pretty lady who smelled like roses came into her nursery every day to hold her on her lap and read her wonderful stories.

One day the pretty lady stopped coming and her nurses refused to tell her why.

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Comic Con was lots of fun! Here’s just a few random photos I found to tide you over until I get back the pictures from my few photo shoots. This year was really about hanging out with my friends and I can’t wait to see them all again in a month!

Pretty Tally faces!  Bah, so bummed I couldn’t hang out.  I’ll have to come up and visit sometime and smoosh your face.  <3

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daily reminder pepper potts took out every single big bad in all three iron man movies.



Always and forever invincible yeah that’s right I said it my baby’s invincible cuz it was a more advanced strain of Extremis that didn’t need booster doses nope nope one unpleasant dose and you’re Rescue forever yup liars gonna tell you otherwise but she’s a flaming ball of badass forever and shortly thereafter a flaming ball of badass in a suit and BTW they said Coulson was dead and look how that turned out yup yup.

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So I’m watching Miss Congeniality, and I only just realized for the very first time ever that Gracie’s dorky talent competition dress was originally worn/borrowed from a woman handing out flyers for a restaurant when she first arrives at the pageant.

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So this happened.

Marvel magic people. It’s a thing of beauty.

I didn’t even know they’d BE there, I just had nothing to do while I was waiting for my friend to finish working the booth and thought I’d join the celebrity watchers. :D

Does Clark Gregg smell like an angel?


Umm idk I didn’t really notice?  I have no evidence that he smells like not an angel?

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