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Quickie (no pun intended… okay maybe a little) #WankWeek Smutty Smutty Rumbelle Smut

Length: ~1450 words

Summary:  Belle has been feeling particularly lustful all morning.  Fortunately, Rumple decides to stop by the library at just the right time.  (Total PWP)

AN: Fae Fae said to do the thing.  I guess I had to do the thing.

Belle sits at the circulation desk in the library, trying to concentrate on reconciling the logs in front of her.  Frustratingly, she can barely focus, shifting in her seat every few seconds, crossing and uncrossing her legs before crossing them the other way.  She’s trying to do her work as the dutiful town librarian, truly she is, but it’s so damn difficult when she has spent the entire morning inexplicably consumed with… well, as a student of language, she’d be a liar to call it anything but lust.

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The thing about Rumplestiltskin is that when he gives Belle something he’s not like “oh here’s a bracelet girls like this kind of stuff right?” but more “I know you like books but I didn’t know which one you’d like best so I got them all.” and that’s fucking adorable.

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I’m ok. C: I’m gonna feel better and better about the episode and the show in general as time goes on. Such are emotions in my case!

I want to focus on what I liked! So here’s the list:

  • I really like Rumbelle’s costumes, both Belle’s new “stole this from my BF’s closet” adventure outfit, and Rumple’s sexy “born from Darkness” outfit.
  • I actually liked the “Vault of the Dark One.” It makes sense that the Dark One cannot self-terminate (heh). Otherwise Zoso would have done himself in! So now the Dark One mythology has been expanded in a sensible way. If the Dark One attempts to kill himself, he will be sent to a holding place until released. He didn’t die so much as get locked away, which means the “magic cannot undo death” rule still holds. And that is good.
  • I like Lumiere. I hope he and Belle bond while they are on the run from Zelena and the Dark One (and what delicious shippy angst THAT story would be!) and that she breaks his curse. <3
  • I love that Rumple built the library specifically for Belle. <3 <3 <3
  • I love that Belle and Rumple still showcased their best traits. <3

If I think of more, I will post those too!

You embody my thoughts perfectly. There was a lot of Quiet Minds to like… certain parts excluded of course.

Hmmmm…. your vault vs. death theory makes me less angry.

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