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live-action modern day “the lion king”
NEW YORK, 1960s. The civil rights movement reaches its crest. Mufasa, a prominent activist leader in the city, clashes against his younger brother Scar, himself a prominent leader of the mafia underground. Politics against politics, brother against brother; Mufasa dies, Scar reigns. A new law governs New York in the 70s: blood and bribery.

Idris Elba as Mufasa, Michael K. Williams as Scar, Naomie Harris as Sarabi, Jaden Smith as Young Simba, Amandla Stenberg as Young Nala (not giffed), Taraji P. Henson as Timon, Mo’Nique as Pumbaa, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Older Simba, Kerry Washington as Older Nala, John Boyega as Kovu, Zoe Kravitz as Kiara.

apparently this is my contribution to mankind

Will always want.

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theseductionartist asked: Can I ask why you hate Hook? I'm just curious... :)


Because he tried to kill Belle while she was chained to a wall after tricking her into thinking her years of imprisonment might be over.  Than tried to kill her again in the library, on the boat, and then shot her in the back.

He took delight in the idea of getting to ‘dissect a cricket.’

He gave Aurora’s heart to Cora, knowing how she would use it, then when Emma and co were locked up to die he not only left them, but felt the need to rub it in with that whole ‘withered up bean’ thing.

He sold out Bae to the Lost Boys.

When he was called out on the fact that he tried to kill Belle multiple times he said ‘sorry?’  He couldn’t even apologize.

He says things like he doesn’t fight cripples, but if peasant Rum had agreed to a duel he would have killed him.  He also could have simply told Rum that Milah was staying with him, instead of inferring gang rape.

He kicks beggars.  

Let’s not forget, he’s an absolute fucking creeper who has intentionally tried to make Belle, Snow, Emma, Mulan, Aurora, and Tink if memory serves, all feel very uncomfortable with his skeevy rape-jokey comments.

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Like you, I was abandoned as a child. Some spinsters took me in; we haven’t got much but we got by. Whenever we’d finish the job we used to bake meat pies – the entire hovel would fill with the most wonderful smell, and after they cooled, they always let me take the first bite. And as the food warmed my belly that was the only time I forgot who I really was: a boy who wasn’t wanted by his papa.


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