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So he never sat in on a class, but chose to shut down the whole program. Cool. I swurrtagot these people are belligerent dummies for fun. Their motto in life literally is “Fuck logic.”

And we must tell the truth… Mexicans didn’t illegally cross the U.S. border. The U.S. border CROSSED THEM. 

Tucson: there is a man on your school board who doesn’t understand the implications of the word “hearsay.” And that’s, like, problem #1,459 on the list of things wrong with this dude. He says the law specifically targeted the Mexican American Studies program. He claimed the teacher was buying kids burritos to indoctrinate them. He NEVER EVEN SAT IN ON A CLASS. Who allowed this man to vote on children’s educations?


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Tucson bans school books by Chicano and Native American authors


Also banned Mexican American Studies curriculum, and teachers were advised to stay away from class units where “race, ethnicity, and oppression are central themes.”

This is what our so called “post-racial” America looks like. We’re not post-racial discrimination, we’re post-racial education and discourse.

Newsflash, Arizona. Brown people will not go away nor forget their oppression just because you stop allowing teachers to talk about them.

Dear Arizona: You suck.  No love, Decent Human Beings everywhere.

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